My Timeline (2013-Present)

April 2013: Regularly scheduled MRI and bloodwork results come back with no signs of progression of disease. All symptoms are very much under controlled, with hardly any flushing episodes. The liver appears completely recovered from the 2012 surgery.

Summer 2013: Tried to increase exercise routine, but have found that it causes swelling in legs. Had to keep to long walks and light weights to keep the excess fluids from building up.

October 2013: MRI shows that disease is still stable, and that evidence of disease is minimal. Chromogranin A is still lower than ever, and in the low range of healthy person, so any small tumors that remain seem to be inactive. Very excited that the  bloodwork is still go0d. The inferior vena cava is still restricted by the liver, which causes some slight swelling in the legs and lower abdomen.

December 2013: Met with Dr Riad Salem to review the October MRI and to discuss having a stent put in to open the passage of the IVC through the liver. Decided to have the procedure, so that I can avoid future swelling and any long-term risks of it getting worse.

January 2014: Moving to Zurich! Plan to take up care with Dr. Oberg in Basel, Switzerland

The Sandostatin LAR Depot shot that I receive monthly is still ongoing. Currently at a dose of 30mg