Sept ’12 – Greetings from New Orleans

Hello Everybody!

Thanks for your patience while the site has been under going a re-design. I hope you like the changes. I am optimistic that the new layout will make for easier navigation for new visitors to the site, and will allow returning visitors to pick up where they left off.

I’m actually writing this entry from my hotel room in New Orleans. We are back for our 4th visit in 12 months. The first being last December when we initially consulted with Dr. Eugene Woltering and Dr. Phillip Boudreaux. Today is Monday and on tap for today was a CT scan and Octreoscan (day 1). Will complete the Octreoscan tomorrow morning, and will visit with the docs on Wednesday morning. These appointments are for my 7 months post-surgery follow-up.

I’m looking forward to a productive meeitng with the team here. Since surgery, my carcinoid related symptoms have been minimal, and at times non-existent. My CgA, 5-HIAA and other markers have been near normal, healthy individual levels (which I am loving). But the healing process from the surgery may not quite yet be complete. Mostly, I’m back to my usual routine, but have had times of excess abdominal fluid build-up (a condition called ascites), which have resulted in 3 separate ¬†paracenthesis procedures at my local oncologist’s office. The Chicago team of docs seems to think the ascites is due to progression of the disease, but that doesn’t add up for me. So agian, I am very much looking forward to hearing what the New Orleans team thinks about my current condition and what could be causing the ascites. Plus, am anxious to get further information on what’s next for me.

Will do my best to update again soon with my take-aways from our New Orelans trip,  and to get the New and Improved site completed very soon!

All my best!